Artificial Intelligence to boost your security

VRACERR 2.0 is the new ECU for your next aibag system, powerful, autonomous , equipped with next generation sensors and AI algoritms is engineered to protect your rides, on street and on track.

Always protected, when needed

Street and Track setup not only change algorith to adapt to different kind of incident and crashes tipologia di incidente, but also to manage differences in user behaviour.
On track, the system arms when reach 60kmh speed, when you actually leave pit lane, avoiding risk of misfire while in box or pitlane.


Light and compact to fit VRaceRR Ready garments

Uo to 30h of protection with single battery charge

The sistem fits VRaceRR Ready garments, like AirLine GIMOTO suits

An external led gives all the information you need about the system


Always protected with automatic WIFI updates.

Set WIFI via VRaceRR App and enjoy, your CPU will be kept up to date by BC RedTesla platform


V-RACE RR is available in APP STORES for both iOS and ANDROID.

Gives you informationa about system status, let you select CPU mode and WIFI settings

System works also without the App.


The CPU gives you information via RGB LED.

Download Led colors guide for more information.


Download quick start guide of your VRaceRR system in electronic format.


Full user manual of VRaceRR 2.0 electronic device.

WARNING: Read carefully the whole user manual before start using the system.

How to recharge

V-RACE RR HYBRID recharge requires few minutes and no special tools.

Mechanical system recharge tools are supplied with ERC01 recharge Kit, a CO2 cartdrige, a special key and ignitor.

Electronic only system require Gimoto technical support.


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